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Newborn sessions are about as unique of a session as you can get.


The environment should be very calm and peaceful. If you are wanting a sibling shot, we will take the family/sibling shots first. We ask that you bring dad, grandparent, aunt, etc to take the sibling(s) out after they're done so we can continue on with the newborn session without the baby being disrupted from their cozy sleep.


Your session can last 2-3 hours. You are welcome to sleep and rest and relax during your baby’s very first photography session. I have snacks and drinks for your convenience.


I have photographed many newborns in the past. Here are a few tips that I have found to lead to the most successful session:


1.If you are nursing, try to avoid eating anything spicy (i.e. pizza, hot sauce, etc.) that might upset baby’s tummy for 24 hours preceding your scheduled session.


2. Bring a pacifier for the baby. Please inform us prior to your session if your child has any special needs, such as reflux, colic or fussiness so we can accommodate accordingly. We ask that you bring a pacifier even if your child does not typically use them. It is important that we have access to various soothing options to make sure your session runs smoothly.


3. The studio will be kept at balmy 85 degrees to keep your little one warm while in their birthday suit, so I recommend dressing in layers so that you can remove some if you get too warm.


4. It is crucial to keep the baby awake for the majority of the morning before the shoot. Without this, we spend too much time getting them to sleep and not as much time photographing them. A good trick to keeping them up is giving them a bath the morning of the session!


5. The baby needs to be fed as much as possible during the 12 hours that precedes the session. This is especially true for breastfed babies. Feeding the baby an extra time or two (yes, I know it lasts 40 minutes) will help amazingly with getting them to sleep deeply. This will allow for baby to sleep as deeply and as long as possible. If you are already supplementing – the feeding just before the session is one to do this for, as

formula sits heavier on the belly and they typically sleep better. However, I am a strong advocate for breastfeeding and would in no way say to do this if you do not already need to supplement. After you keep them awake and give them a good feeding, allow the baby to fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. This will put them

into a deep sleep so they are ready to go when they arrive.


6. Bring extra clothes for yourself in case he or she uses the bathroom on you, it happens often. For your family shots, please try to stick to plain/neutral colors. Avoid logos, distracting colors or prints, stripes, polka dots, etc. 


7. We will go over the workflow when you arrive at the studio. That way you will be fully prepared for the session and you will understand our plan to make things go nice and smoothly


8. Please feed the baby before you drive to my studio. This way, when you arrive, baby is ready to go. If he needs a snack on your arrival that is fine too especially if you are driving for more than 45 minutes.


9. Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on skin – a simple zipper/button-up sleeper is best. I prefer items that we don’t have to take over their head.

10. When you arrive, please bring them in their car seats. They will be warm and cozy and asleep. Taking them out will cause the baby to be alert and awake.


11. You may want to bring something to work on (Thank you cards or a book you’ve been wanting to read.)


12. Consider me your babysitter for the session! Aside from the family shots and if baby needs a feeding, you will get to enjoy two free hands and a little bit of a break. 

Let me know if you have any questions. If you have received any handmade blankets please bring them to the session and we will see if we can work them into the photos.


Thank you! Looking forward to your session!

Courtney Mandeville

Smooth Sailing Photography

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